ACNC-Registered-Charity-TickHi there, my name is Peta and I founded TOG JOG AUSTRALIA (formerly Jog for Jugs), a registered Australian charity, which encourages healthy lifestyles and positive choices. It’s an event that brings people together on some of Australia’s beautiful beaches and remote locations to raise funds for the;

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation/Breast Cancer Network Australia (Jog for Jugs - wear PINK)
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (Beach Balls - wear BLUE)
  • Camp Quality (Sandcastle Kids - wear WHITE)

It all began while jogging on a stretch of beach, rain, hail or shine, wearing a bright pink top for 365 days with my furry four legged friend, Asha. I loved it; the sea, the freedom and seeing other people savouring that salt air who’d often share a morning salutation, smile or come over to pat pooch. The camaraderie was palpable.

On September 28 2011, after a solo six-week effort to generate interest the first ever jog began. 208 people came to the beach that morning and we raised almost $4000. Asha got lots of pats too. Today, more jogs are now held in different parts of the country.

All funds raised are distributed to each of the above organisations with each receiving 25% of the tally.

It has always been my goal to make this event a national initiative and raise funds for Australian families so when people attend, no matter what their age, they can raise funds for a child, mum, dad, grandparent, aunty, uncle, son or daughter. So wherever you are around Australia jump into your boardies, bathers, budgie smugglers, bikini or mankini and join the TOG JOG!

See you on the sand.

— Peta