Host a Jog

Becoming a host of a jog is simple, cost-free and fun and yes, you CAN do it.

The plan is to make the jog a national initiative, and, we are. Every year, more jogs are held across the country because people witness the electric vibe of the event. The locations are also mesmorising, the generosity sobering and humanity extraordinary. Nothing compares to what occurs at one of our jogs on the last Sunday morning in October.

Jog Packs are available so contact me if you’d like me to email you a PDF copy. The Jog Pack contains helpful information from sample letters to a planner and hints on bringing a jog together. It’s a valuable guide so extract all you can from it and if you need anything else I'm here. I’m big on simplicity, open to new ideas and always keen to talk so email me if you need to chat over the phone.

Savour every second of your own jog; create, celebrate and, most of all, have fun.

— Peta

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