WA 2012 – A stunning event at Scarborough Beach

On Sunday 21 October 2011 just over 75 people attended the first Jog for Jugs Australia at Scarborough Beach in Perth, WA. It was an unbelievably perfect Sunday; a brilliant blue sky, a stunning ocean and that beautiful beach. It was a pretty special day to have you all there, especially my darling Mum and Dad as well as my Aunty and Uncle dear family friend, Pat, all dressed in Jog for Jugs ts and lending a hand. To have my dear Pa on the microphone doing his “thang” and my darling Ma announcing our total with such anticipation made me very proud; proud to be a Perth girl, to be on the beach where my Dad used to catch looms and Mum used to play Gidget and proud to be their daughter. The thank you everyone, including Erica Duncan and her delightful helper (pictured below) for your unbelievable generosity, relentless encouragement and all the heart.