WA, QLD & NT 2014 – Five Events Across Oz

What an extraordinary morning it was yesterday. For the first time, to have ‘one country running on day’, Jog for Jugs Australia was celebrated across five different locations around the country; Perth, Gold Coast, Ayr, Cape York and Darwin. At each Jog for Jugs event the generosity was truly overwhelming; so many, many good people with such huge hearts. Thank you all. Just wanted to share some euphoric news with everyone who joined us today across Oz, or donated online or were with us in thought. This is what you all achieved.

  • Perth jog you raised – $2431 (incl a wonderful $579 donation from Hotel Rendezvous – Scarborough’s The Straits brekky)
  • Gold Coast jog you raised – $1640
  • Ayr jog you raised – $4673 (incl a wonderful donation of $1000 from Rotary AYR)
  • Cape York you raised – $1025
  • Darwin jog you raised – $2350

Thank you Erica, Ma and Pa in Perth, Malcolm and Jeff on the Gold Coast, Lea at Cape York and Mel in Ayr for giving your energy to Jog for Jugs. I am overjoyed with what you all created and can’t imagine what the future holds.

Thank you also to the brave people who shared their stories that touched us all. Thank you to everyone for making Jog for Jugs 2014 a success…and then some.

Thank you for the positive feedback from each event as we work towards growing and becoming bigger and better each year. We will have singlet tops next year and a one size fits all too. And, more brilliant raffle prizes. And, more special guests. So join us for Jog for Jugs 2015 and here’s to raising the fundraising roof.